The 8 most important people in your life

A key part of our life’s journey or a slice of our life is the important characters that participate in it. See how the Muppets in 5 minutes explore the 8 key characters. See Kermit the frog take on the 8 roles of Hero, Mentor and other key roles. Who are the main characters in your life?

Thanks for downloading your memoir cheat sheet and for many of you purchasing our “Writing Your Hero Journey” e-book.

Our first major event.

Once July holidays are completed we will be announcing our first major event – writing a short inspiring, meaningful memoir by Christmas. As a group, Diane will guide us through strategies and steps to write your journey OR help you interview and write someone else’s memoir (this is different and shorter than an autobiography). If you are interested send me a note and I will make sure you are the first to know.

You may use your memoir as a soul story, healing story, your message to others, or share a significant theme in your life.

I plan to complete my Mom’s memoir that will give her more meaning and understanding to her life.

Just think of it – Mini Meaningful Memoirs in everyone’s stocking for Christmas. More coming soon.

Now check out Kermit being the 8 most common characters in your hero journey.


And think about who and what you would like to see in yours or your parent’s memoir.

John (and Diane)

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