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50 Journaling Tools and Techniques

Stay on track, be clear and reach higher.
Tools are sorted for logical to intuitive.
Find the ones that work for you.

50 Journaling Tools are listed in our E-book in order from logical, rational left brain tools to intuitive, creative right brain tools. Some of them are described below.

Tools for managing and tracking your journaling process:

Create your Hot List of the most important things to journal about. Idealise your day, week and year on one page with our Dream Calendar. Start Tracking what is important to you. And learn tools to Review and integrate to a new level.

Tools that focus intention and create awareness:

Having a hard time starting to journal? Start with Sentence Stubs and Smart Questions. Then advance to List Making. No time to journal? Try the One Word Essence Journaling process or Headlining and create a 7 word headlines to capture your day. For healing ways to let go of the past try Unsent Release Letter, Feeling Finder, Time Capsule, Shifting Perspectives and more. Maybe make a declaration and write your own Creed.

Tools for healing and making inner connections:

Give a voice to your subconscious and the super-conscious through Intuitive Resonating, 5 Why's Guys, Duality Tensions, Top down and bottom up connections, and Stream of Awareness. Ground higher concepts and elevate limiting beliefs.

Tools for increasing creativity and imagination:

Develop your creativity with Mind Mapping, Lateral Thinking, Dyads and Metaphors.  Have great fun being creative with tools like: Allow Alliteration, Rhyme Time and Alpha Poems.

Tools for developing higher consciousness:

Try one of my new tools called Evolving Essences or one of the most powerful and popular tools - Dialogue. Dig deep for your own Life Question. Or try any of these higher level thinking tools - Prose and Poetry, Dream Journal, Meditation Journal or Stream of Consciousness

Journal tools can work for you.

Identify right tools that give you the right results daily!
Receive all of these tools and lots of tips in our Journaling E-book.

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