Journaling Ideas

Journal writing is such an amazing, multi-use, multi-dimensional tool that can change your life – like it did mine and 1000’s of people I have trained.

Journaling is my ‘go to’ tool, my sidekick! It resolves my chaotic, disorganized, boring, out of control and ‘stuck in the same old patterns’ attitude. I use it for creativity, connection, clarity, control, compassion, creating, healing and much more.

For a few years I sold time management systems and trained users on many aspects of time, goals, life purpose, awareness and being effective. I added multiple modules for life planning, tracking what is important, creativity, decision-making, problem-solving and more.

I enjoyed it so much I got certified as a journaling facilitator and this unleashed many ideas of applying journaling tools.

Watch this blog as I release 5 journaling idea blogs with 100 ideas covering; setting up a journal, healing and awareness, planning and tracking, creativity and imagination, spiritual growth journaling and manifesting your dreams.

If you want some other topics covered let me know…