How to Change Your Life

I interviewed over 90 people who had made significant shifts in their lives. Their reasons were varied. The conclusion I drew was revealing. Most of them had to retreat and write or be coached, but there was no one common tool or process used.

My conclusion, and to this day I realize, we need to use 4 to 6 different tools to address the same topic.

This creates more perspectives, more dimensions, more tension and more intensity on the situation. As we stimulate different perspectives in our subconscious mind, it begins to loosen up and work for us. It reintegrates and balances the different stimulus and ideas. It opens up and reveals new messages and old beliefs for us to work with.

If you have a challenge to work on and want to change your life in your natural way, keep the tension on it by using different journaling tools. A boiling pot stops boiling when you take it off the burner.