Hero Story: “Poised”

Mother’s Day

cheetaCardYou see? We are cheetahs Mommy.
I’m the baby cheetah, and you are the Mommy cheetah

See you are licking my head
And we are surrounded by trees

I made this card for you
<<Bonne fete de Mère
Je t’aime>>


<thank you sweetie>

The mama cheetah licks her cub’s head idly as she basks in the African sun. Golden and sleek, she licks and grooms his tear-shaped spots. This one will live, she thinks, hopes, demands as she roughly tucks him into her hide, milk dripping into his sucking mouth, breathing and sniffing into the warm morning sun.

There it is. Prey. Do you sense it little one? The smell of it. The sweet intoxication of it? It’s coming toward us, and already I am shifting from mother to hunter. Do you feel me moving away from you little one? Do you smell what I smell? Can you feel me breathing faster, the blood of a hunter now rushing through me?

I am alert now. Every nerve taut, every muscle tight and ready, as I roughly release my cub and stand. I am ready to pounce. I want to pounce. I want the kill and the feast. Already I can taste the blood and the meat, and the urge to move is almost overwhelming.


Because I hear a shuffling, a mewing of protest from my cub, the one I want to feed and hunt for, but also the one I realize I will have to leave alone. Can I hunt and come back quickly? I am blood thirsty and intoxicated by the scent of my prey, but for the first time in my life, I am afraid. My cub, the one I desperately want to live. What will happen when he is alone? Can I chase and fight and kill and come back before harm comes to him?

So I stand. Poised. Milk dripping from me onto the dry ground. Blood and fear and lust for food and feast pouring through me.

I stand on the threshold of either nothing or something, caught between mother and hunter, doing nothing but breathing.


This short story was written as a process in our Hero Story group program, were we are bringing together a heart-centred group of people who are interested in exploring their life as a hero’s journey, and using writing as a transformational tool. We write, share and explore what we call ‘soul stories’ – adventures and moments that have meaning, that describe a turning point, conflict or meaningful event in our lives, often in mythological or symbolic form.

In the story above, I wanted to capture the intensity of the yearning and yet also the indecision. In the classic “Hero’s Journey’ story structure, it would be a ‘crossing the threshold’ type story. Something is always given up when you go forth .. is she ready? Is the cub some sort of threshold guardian … holding her back from her soul’s calling as hunter and provider, or is her actual soul journey to stay with the cub?

To join us, and learn more about writing your life stories, or using writing as a transformational tool, click here.

… Diane