You are a hero story – a soul story – waiting to be told

The many Journaling Tools I, John Robson, have used and created have been extremely useful in my life. – creativity, clarity, higher connections, decision making, efficiency, intuition, fun and the list goes on. And I know some people get overwhelmed about what tools to use when. Do I want to be more logical or more intuitive? Or do I want a quick process or an in-depth, revealing process.

So as of March we are shifting the flavour of the Journaling Tools site to support readers in applying tools with a clear, powerful purpose. To writing short meaningful, transformative stories (7 words to 7 pages) that are healing, purposeful, fun and creative. Stories that we can very quickly (using one journaling tool) get instant clarity in our lives, new life changing perspectives, an abundance of ideas, drawing out our essence, solidifying a life vision, unravelling the subconscious mind, healing past pains, etc.

And the stories we focus on are not just fictional glimpses of your life, but deep meaningful essences of who you are. We call them hero stories or sometimes called the mythological story or origin story and I like calling them – my soul stories. And they are one of the most powerful ways to transform oneself from the pain, sacrifices, self sabotaging behaviours into hope, potential, purpose and passion. They clearly reveal one of your many life’s min-journeys.

And the major uniqueness of a ‘hero’ story is that it is innately part of your psyche – your unconscious processing. Most movies that stand the test of time are archetypal, natural, classical hero stories – slay the dragon, win the girl, win the race, triumph of the underdog … Which hero story line is your life following?

And then we each have a style, an archetypal character type that takes this journey. Are you the nurturer, warrior, wise man or crone, …?

When we put these story elements together using appropriate journal writing tools mixed with some fun and imagination – magic and transformation happens – especially when we understand and learn and write in the powerful language of the subconscious mind. I hope you will join us in understanding, healing and rewriting your life story from the inside out.

So I would like to introduce Diane Curry Sam who is totally committed to and involved in helping individuals and small companies writing their mythological hero stories.

Together we have combined our 2 “Own your life” books so you have guidance in owning your own life and recreating your future. We are also creating a 6 month unique group coaching program to help you create multiple healing, transformative, future creating short hero stories – that when chained together is a story of your life journey with a structured story line filled with fun and imagination, that is the real you living your journey. It is a great way to be understood or leave your message and legacy (if you want).

Stay tuned for new announcements and new ‘stay in touch’ messages and tips to support you to write a hero story – your soul story.

Journaling Ideas

Journal writing is such an amazing, multi-use, multi-dimensional tool that can change your life – like it did mine and 1000’s of people I have trained.

Journaling is my ‘go to’ tool, my sidekick! It resolves my chaotic, disorganized, boring, out of control and ‘stuck in the same old patterns’ attitude. I use it for creativity, connection, clarity, control, compassion, creating, healing and much more.

For a few years I sold time management systems and trained users on many aspects of time, goals, life purpose, awareness and being effective. I added multiple modules for life planning, tracking what is important, creativity, decision-making, problem-solving and more.

I enjoyed it so much I got certified as a journaling facilitator and this unleashed many ideas of applying journaling tools.

Watch this blog as I release 5 journaling idea blogs with 100 ideas covering; setting up a journal, healing and awareness, planning and tracking, creativity and imagination, spiritual growth journaling and manifesting your dreams.

If you want some other topics covered let me know…

Journaling Topics

Put life into new topics and aspects of living. You can journal on any topic you want. You are only limited by your imagination. Pick about 7 topics below and journal on one per day.

  • accomplishments, addictions, adventures, anger, appreciation, art
  • bad times, beauty, best times , beliefs, betrayal, body, books, business
  • careers, changes, challenges, children , collectibles, computers, confidence, creativity
  • darkness, depression, dreams, duty
  • emotions/feelings, events
  • failures, family, fantasy, fears, fitness , foods , friends, fun, the future
  • games, gardens, grief, guilt
  • health, hobbies, holidays, houses, humour
  • ideas, illnesses, injuries, insights, inspiration, integrity, intellect
  • jealousy, jobs, joy
  • laws, learning, life, love

Journaling Prompts

Improve your habits, catch your blind spots and stay on track and.

Become more focused, clear, creative, purposeful, aware and balanced. There is magic in taking time to ask yourself the right questions that will pop out the right answers for you.

Prompts stimulate more of the logical, organized, rational left brain. Turn them into questions to simulate more of the open ended, creative, right brain. Write on one or more of these prompts regularly and watch your life change.

  • I can be more efficient by …
  • Five things I have been procrastinating are …
  • My greatest time wasters are …
  • What excuses keep me stuck?
  • Where am I vulnerable?
  • I hold myself back by …
  • My 3 greatest fears are …
  • What are my pet-peeves, dislikes, hates?
  • Where do I not like myself?
  • What stresses me?
  • My strengths are …
  • My weaknesses are …
  • What major block needs to be resolved?

The Most Common Journaling Challenge

In hindsight many people say their biggest insights, clarity and healing come from writing, yet it is so easy to compromise this quality time.

The hardest thing about journaling is starting: making the time and then getting the pen and mind flowing. Protecting a certain time each day helps build a good practice. So please MAKE AND TAKE THE TIME to do it.

Do any of these times work for you? First thing in the morning, last thing at night, during coffee breaks, before a meal, after each meeting, during commute time, when in nature, when sitting in the sun, when you are alone, etc. Set up your commitment time or triggers to write in your journal.

It is magical – when you start to connect with insights, answers, ideas, healing, revelations – you will want more.