Capture Your Great Ideas in Your Journal!

Good ah-ha’s come so rarely we must make the most of them. Do not let a great insight or idea or dream go into one ear and out the other. Ah-ha’s are so fresh and rich and they often do not occur again.

experience consciousness

So first thing to do is write it done and capture it. Keep a dream journal next to your bed or an idea page in your journal. Consider keeping a mini-journal or recipe cards or some piece of paper with you at all times. I have even had a clip board at the top of my shower.

Often one idea or insight comes with others to complete a bigger picture. Reflect on your insights. Let them bounce around in your mind and make more inner connections. It is like putting clothes on your idea to make it more meaningful and practical.

Anchor your insights deeply into your mind so you are less likely to forget them. One simple way is RAP – Repetition, Authority and Peace of mind. In other words relax and repeat or visualize your insight with emotion and authority.