Blank Page Journaling Tool

“The blank page gives us the right to dream.” — Baston Bachelard

Journaling strongly supports our rational mind. It helps us gain clarity, create ideas, maintain focus and attention, and solidify and deepen intention.

Journaling is just as powerful for accessing our intuition, the inner knowing that doesn’t come to us through our left brain. Blank page journaling enables us to confidently request guidance at any time. Learn how to allow messages to come through you rather than you forcing the writing.

Here’s how blank page journaling works…

Start your journaling session with a blank page. Take a few deep breaths, turn your attention inside and rid your mind of the mind chatter.

Then ask yourself, “What topics are most appropriate and important for me to journal on now?” Here’s another way to ask: “In my highest divine interest what do I need to journal about now?”

As ideas come, write them down. Try for 3 to 5 topics to reflect and write on.

Then spend some time writing (even a few minutes) on each topic in your own way or using some of the many other journaling tools. Visit here for a simple journaling process.

The more you use this process (ideally daily), the more you will understand how truth, ideas, guidance, needs and early warning signals are waiting to be heard below the noise level in our minds. It helps develop discrimination, discernment and self trust.