Archetypes & Enemies … Getting to the Essence of a Hero Story

In our recent email for our Hero’s group mentoring program, we asked our group to consider:

What is the essence of this story?

Wow. Pretty deep question. We don’t want to know just what happened to whom, when and where, but the actual essence of the story!

It seems almost presumptuous, too much too soon. “I just want to tell a short story!” …  our writing self protests.

But a hero story is more than just writing short stories – it’s writing short stories that mean something.

And one thing I found helpful when looking at the meaning of my story is to look at the characters in the story at a deeper level. What archetypal character pattern is this person living out? Are they a friend or an enemy?

What pattern am I living out? This group, and website are based on the ideas that stories you tell about your life, are soul stories, myth stories that ultimately tell and reveal deeper patterns.

As I was writing a story from my life using the tool “Hero’s Journey ExcaliburSentence Stubs” from our book, I realized that the outward quest (I was building a business venture with a friend) was not at all about the money or the business success. I was seeking something much deeper, I think a sense of power and security. I was trying to take the Sword out of the Stone, before I was ready to assume the Kingdom, and Excalibur will only yield to someone who is the rightful King, who has gone through the trials.

So, it left me wondering … am I ready to be the King/Queen? To assume the power and build a successful business, in a way that is more soulful, more me?

Who were my enemies? yes, there were people who did wrong to me, but who really was I fighting all along?

Ahh … writing my memoirs as a hero’s journey means I have to look at the essence, the archetypes and enemies .. and I start to see my life in deeper ways.

Excalibur … are you ready to yield?

Am I ready, not just to seize the outward trappings/symbols of power, but the actual responsibilities of Kingship, caring for the people?