20 Ideas for Setting up Your Journal

There are no rules when it comes to journaling. You can use a flexible, 3 ring binder, a smaller coil or hard cover journal, recipe cards or a mobile device like a cell phone or tablet.

  • I always use a ‘nerdish’ BIC 4 color pen and use colors to emphasize, summarize, emotionalize, editorialize and prioritize.
  • When you journal online you can have privacy, a file structure and it is searchable.
  • I believe hand writing draws out a deeper connection and emotion compared to typing.
  • Even if you get 5 to 20 minutes of private, quality time pull out my journal. You can also have at your fingertips multiple processes and tools to make the most of that time.
  • Have a list of journal topics or powerful questions that guide you in what to journal about right now, or what is important in the next week or month. I always have a few quick exercises that greatly enhance my overall awareness, clarity and motivation.
  • No ideas are lost, and they are easily synthesized and prioritized. My multi-dimensional ‘To Do’ list helps me manage the big picture, short term and immediate needs. I maintain my sanity as it helps me with organizing my virtual assistants, clients, projects, teaching, coaching and writing.
  • Do no miss writing down an idea, synchronicity or deep inner urge. I have even used a waterproof whiteboard in the shower and recipe cards in the wash room, by my bedside and in my pocket.
  • If you get stuck without a journal at a restaurant, use the paper placemat or napkins as your journal.
  • Always have the first pages of your journal as an index of its contents and you can keep adding important insights to it so they are easily found.
  • With today’s advancing and portable technology, instead of having a Journal, it’s so easy to have a word file in a ‘cloud’ that you access with a cell phone, tablet, laptop and desktop.
  • I have many one word or short phrase journaling tools that work well on my cell. Once a month, I would consolidate my thoughts from my journals and the cloud into one master, searchable and indexed word file.
  • In your wallet or purse have many journaling triggers in small print on double-sided business cards. Never be stuck without a way to stretch your thinking.
  • Collect various lists and sets of smart questions to trigger in-depth writing and contemplating.
  • Often I just use blank page journaling to get started.
  • I love my review of the week as I consolidate action items, insights and ideas onto a page as that triggers more great insights, integration and follow through.
  • Create a ritual such as having a coffee, sitting in the sun. lighting a candle, saying a short prayer or mantra. this sets up a strong intention for creative or deep results.
  • Try different journaling tools to see which ones work for you. Do you need more organizational support or more intuitive insights? Our Journal book helps you define your journaling style and the tools that work best for you.

Leave us a comment on unique ways you use your journal.