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Journaling Lists of Choices.

You have the questions. Our lists of lists have your choices and answers. Listen to  your intuition to draw out the best choices or answers for you.

If you have questions - our lists have the answers!

These journaling lists offer a very complete collection of information to spark your intuition and creativity. Too often, we get stuck in habitual thinking patterns and we cannot think of new ideas or solutions. Now, many solutions, ideas, topics, answers and choices are here for you.

Your process is to quickly scan a list and see which points "resonate" with you. This is an intuitive process of listening to your awareness for what is important to you. Then logically pick out the top 7 items and prioritize them. The key then is to reflect on the ideas and take ACTION!

Each Journaling List typically contains 50 to 100 items.

Creativity Tools - Solving the idea problem
Journaling Benefits - Attain more clarity, health, ideas
Journaling Tools - Which of 40 tools work best for you?
Journaling Topics - Put life into all areas of your life
Journaling Prompts - Ignite your journal writing insights
Journaling Systems - Find your own natural process
Journal Types - What types of journaling would benefit you the most?
Mind Tools - Find your fun and meaningful ways
Stress Reducers - Attain peace of mind, clarity, control and more

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