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Journaling Tools, Resources and Ideas
Find the missing pieces to the puzzles of your life


Below is a list of journaling tools, resources and ideas available on this site. A few links are activated. For one fee you get access to all resources.

E-books, Life MAP and Smart Questions Email Series

  • Journaling for Self Empowerment e-book - A complete journaling reference, with 40 different tools to meet your style and every need.
  • Write your life workbook - Build self confidence as you own and integrate your life lessons.
  • Life Map workbook - Draw out the big picture of your life.
  • Smart Questions Email Series - Receive 5 emails/week over 90 days. Each email has a Smart Question, coaching tip and inspirational quotes to encourage new perspectives.

Insights on One Page - Try these one hour, one page, step-by-step worksheets.

  • Revealing Subconscious Shadows - Identify blocks and self-sabotaging and limiting patterns.
  • Commitment - Build willpower with clarity.
  • Healing - Focus on healing the past and feeling better about yourself.
Intuitive Answer Lists - Ask your intuition to choose answers from our list of choices.
  • Journaling Benefits - Attain more clarity, health, ideas and more from journaling.
  • Journaling Tools - Which of 40 tools work best for you? 
  • Mind Tools - Find your fun and meaningful ways to think.
  • Stress Reducers - Attain peace of mind, clarity, control and more.
  • Journal Types - What types of journaling would benefit you the most?
  • ...and 17 more lists within the insights on one page.
New Journaling Tools - Go deeper and reach higher. Find the right tools that work for you.
  • Top down, bottom up connections - Ground the abstract and find purpose and meaning in the details.
  • Where am I in the movement of ...? - Gain new perspectives on changes in your life.
  • Blank Page Journaling - Empty the mind by filling a page.
  • ...and 40 more journaling tools within the Journaling E-book.

Smart Questions & Tips - Question your life and discover new possibilities.

  • Daily Review - Be efficient with daily review questions.
  • Weekly Review - Be effective with weekly review questions.
  • Monthly Review - Maintain balance and growth with monthly review questions.
  • Big Picture Thinking - What's the big picture for your life?
  • Stillness- Still your mind and busyness and expand your life!
Article Archives - See life in new ways.
  • Why do Questions Work? - Prove it to yourself with this short exercise.
  • Journaling for Self Discovery - Unleash the power of your heart and mind.
  • Why Journaling Works - Understand how your mind works.
  • Setting Up A Journal - Find the ways that work best for you.
  • A Journaling Process - A simple 4 step process gives you better results.
  • Choice - Choose what you want in life! - How to choose differently.

We know you will enjoy living more and more of your unlimited potential! Activate all Journaling Tools, Resources and Ideas for $59.

John and Patrice Robson

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