More Journaling Prompts

Stuck on what to journal about? Try these prompts.

Prompts stimulate more of the logical, rational, organized left brain. Turn them into questions to simulate more of the open ended, creative, right brain. Complete one or more of these prompts daily and watch your life change. Draw out your own inner wisdom. Do questions or prompts work better for you? Let us know by commenting below.

  • For what problems must I ask for solutions?
  • What are the needs/desires of my boss, partner, family or God for me?
  • I have negative, judgmental or limiting thoughts around …
  • What key choices am I ready to make?
  • How do I control rather than trust?
  • How can I create another or larger income stream?
  • I can enhance my inter-personal skills by …
  • Relationships I want to develop are …
  • How can I increase my overall abundance?
  • I want to learn more about …
  • I want more of ….
  • I want less of …
  • I can be more productive and effective by …
  • What can I do to increase balance in my life?
  • My best experience today was …
  • My worst experience today was …
  • What are my main daily motives?
  • Three areas in my life I want to recommit to are …

And if you want, here are more journaling prompts.

Journaling Brings About Change

wistful-open-arms-1_lJournaling is NOT for those who want to maintain the status quo. As you delve into your thoughts, feelings, experiences and relationships in your journaling, your increased awareness of all that is happening, both inside and outside of you, will bring changes.

Each of us is a precious being with much to offer the world. Our greatest challenge lies in believing in our own worth and learning to express ourselves honestly. Journaling is the best tool we know of for accomplishing this and creating change.

Stream of Consciousness Tool

The Stream of Consciousness/Awareness journaling tool2614418536_e189683b0b_m[1] is the most common journaling practice. It allows me to get things off my chest. To empty my vessel of repetitive mental loops. To dive through my stuck programs. To discharge emotions.

Then I can see the worthy gems that were always there but hidden by the noise of everyday thoughts and feelings.

Daily do a BRAIN DUMP – whatever comes to mind write it as fast as you can.

Then read it and write a one line summary.

How to Change Your Life

I interviewed over 90 people who had made significant shifts in their lives. Their reasons were varied. The conclusion I drew was revealing. Most of them had to retreat and write or be coached, but there was no one common tool or process used.

My conclusion, and to this day I realize, we need to use 4 to 6 different tools to address the same topic.

This creates more perspectives, more dimensions, more tension and more intensity on the situation. As we stimulate different perspectives in our subconscious mind, it begins to loosen up and work for us. It reintegrates and balances the different stimulus and ideas. It opens up and reveals new messages and old beliefs for us to work with.

If you have a challenge to work on and want to change your life in your natural way, keep the tension on it by using different journaling tools. A boiling pot stops boiling when you take it off the burner.

Rid the Small Stuff on a Completion Day

Is your “To Do” list some days just too big?

Do the opposite of what some experts say. Do not work on the big benefit items but on the little stuff that eventually ends up as firefighting.


Make a list of all of the little tasks that keep accumulating – your procrastination list. Estimate the number of minutes each of these small tasks could take. Then do the shortest ones first and proceed through the rest.

Feel the energy and sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Now for the next few days do this with a new list and start with what is most important to you. If some tasks take many days, break them down into chunks that take hours instead of days.

Top-down connections tool grounds the abstract, essence and purpose into meaningful details. Bottom-up connections tool connects ideas, tasks and facts with the bigger picture. This is just one tool of 50 Journaling Tools.