The 8 most important people in your life

A key part of our life’s journey or a slice of our life is the important characters that participate in it. See how the Muppets in 5 minutes explore the 8 key characters. See Kermit the frog take on the 8 roles of Hero, Mentor and other key roles. Who are the main characters in your life?

Thanks for downloading your memoir cheat sheet and for many of you purchasing our “Writing Your Hero Journey” e-book.

Our first major event.

Once July holidays are completed we will be announcing our first major event – writing a short inspiring, meaningful memoir by Christmas. As a group, Diane will guide us through strategies and steps to write your journey OR help you interview and write someone else’s memoir (this is different and shorter than an autobiography). If you are interested send me a note and I will make sure you are the first to know.

You may use your memoir as a soul story, healing story, your message to others, or share a significant theme in your life.

I plan to complete my Mom’s memoir that will give her more meaning and understanding to her life.

Just think of it – Mini Meaningful Memoirs in everyone’s stocking for Christmas. More coming soon.

Now check out Kermit being the 8 most common characters in your hero journey.


And think about who and what you would like to see in yours or your parent’s memoir.

John (and Diane)

Hero Story: “Poised”

Mother’s Day

cheetaCardYou see? We are cheetahs Mommy.
I’m the baby cheetah, and you are the Mommy cheetah

See you are licking my head
And we are surrounded by trees

I made this card for you
<<Bonne fete de Mère
Je t’aime>>


<thank you sweetie>

The mama cheetah licks her cub’s head idly as she basks in the African sun. Golden and sleek, she licks and grooms his tear-shaped spots. This one will live, she thinks, hopes, demands as she roughly tucks him into her hide, milk dripping into his sucking mouth, breathing and sniffing into the warm morning sun.

There it is. Prey. Do you sense it little one? The smell of it. The sweet intoxication of it? It’s coming toward us, and already I am shifting from mother to hunter. Do you feel me moving away from you little one? Do you smell what I smell? Can you feel me breathing faster, the blood of a hunter now rushing through me?

I am alert now. Every nerve taut, every muscle tight and ready, as I roughly release my cub and stand. I am ready to pounce. I want to pounce. I want the kill and the feast. Already I can taste the blood and the meat, and the urge to move is almost overwhelming.


Because I hear a shuffling, a mewing of protest from my cub, the one I want to feed and hunt for, but also the one I realize I will have to leave alone. Can I hunt and come back quickly? I am blood thirsty and intoxicated by the scent of my prey, but for the first time in my life, I am afraid. My cub, the one I desperately want to live. What will happen when he is alone? Can I chase and fight and kill and come back before harm comes to him?

So I stand. Poised. Milk dripping from me onto the dry ground. Blood and fear and lust for food and feast pouring through me.

I stand on the threshold of either nothing or something, caught between mother and hunter, doing nothing but breathing.


This short story was written as a process in our Hero Story group program, were we are bringing together a heart-centred group of people who are interested in exploring their life as a hero’s journey, and using writing as a transformational tool. We write, share and explore what we call ‘soul stories’ – adventures and moments that have meaning, that describe a turning point, conflict or meaningful event in our lives, often in mythological or symbolic form.

In the story above, I wanted to capture the intensity of the yearning and yet also the indecision. In the classic “Hero’s Journey’ story structure, it would be a ‘crossing the threshold’ type story. Something is always given up when you go forth .. is she ready? Is the cub some sort of threshold guardian … holding her back from her soul’s calling as hunter and provider, or is her actual soul journey to stay with the cub?

To join us, and learn more about writing your life stories, or using writing as a transformational tool, click here.

… Diane

Archetypes & Enemies … Getting to the Essence of a Hero Story

In our recent email for our Hero’s group mentoring program, we asked our group to consider:

What is the essence of this story?

Wow. Pretty deep question. We don’t want to know just what happened to whom, when and where, but the actual essence of the story!

It seems almost presumptuous, too much too soon. “I just want to tell a short story!” …  our writing self protests.

But a hero story is more than just writing short stories – it’s writing short stories that mean something.

And one thing I found helpful when looking at the meaning of my story is to look at the characters in the story at a deeper level. What archetypal character pattern is this person living out? Are they a friend or an enemy?

What pattern am I living out? This group, and website are based on the ideas that stories you tell about your life, are soul stories, myth stories that ultimately tell and reveal deeper patterns.

As I was writing a story from my life using the tool “Hero’s Journey ExcaliburSentence Stubs” from our book, I realized that the outward quest (I was building a business venture with a friend) was not at all about the money or the business success. I was seeking something much deeper, I think a sense of power and security. I was trying to take the Sword out of the Stone, before I was ready to assume the Kingdom, and Excalibur will only yield to someone who is the rightful King, who has gone through the trials.

So, it left me wondering … am I ready to be the King/Queen? To assume the power and build a successful business, in a way that is more soulful, more me?

Who were my enemies? yes, there were people who did wrong to me, but who really was I fighting all along?

Ahh … writing my memoirs as a hero’s journey means I have to look at the essence, the archetypes and enemies .. and I start to see my life in deeper ways.

Excalibur … are you ready to yield?

Am I ready, not just to seize the outward trappings/symbols of power, but the actual responsibilities of Kingship, caring for the people?

My Life … at a Glance? The Power of a Good List.

Stepping_stones_3Want to know how to write a memoir?

In our soon-to-be published book on Writing a Hero Story, we provide a “Stepping Stones” template, which is essentially a tool to help you organize your life at a glance, by just listing things, like the date, how old you were, major events, who your friends were- you know, the basics.

This is how you start to write a memoir – with listing. Yup, pretty boring for us creative types right? We don’t want to list, we want to expound upon, describe, search for hidden gem and write a heartfelt memoir or hero story right away!

But that’s not always the way to start. The way to start is to take a deep breath and start to explore your life. What happened to you? when? who was with you? where were you?

Just list. You’ll be amazed at what happens.

Here’s a list of what happened to me when I did the Stepping Stones exercise:

1. I started to see patterns.

2. I started to notice myself judging my life, sometimes not too nicely.

3. I started to feel a little sad at the losses, not just deaths (although there’s been a few), but of friends I’ve lost touch with, places I’ve let go of.

4. I started to wish I had done more travelling, and now I’m planning to.

5. I started to see even deeper, that I have many hero stories to tell, that I am on an adventure.

Want to know what to write a memoir about? Start with the stepping stones of your life. Start making a list.

Your creative side will love you for it.


… Diane



Image By Alethe (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL , via Wikimedia Commons

You are a hero story – a soul story – waiting to be told

The many Journaling Tools I, John Robson, have used and created have been extremely useful in my life. – creativity, clarity, higher connections, decision making, efficiency, intuition, fun and the list goes on. And I know some people get overwhelmed about what tools to use when. Do I want to be more logical or more intuitive? Or do I want a quick process or an in-depth, revealing process.

So as of March we are shifting the flavour of the Journaling Tools site to support readers in applying tools with a clear, powerful purpose. To writing short meaningful, transformative stories (7 words to 7 pages) that are healing, purposeful, fun and creative. Stories that we can very quickly (using one journaling tool) get instant clarity in our lives, new life changing perspectives, an abundance of ideas, drawing out our essence, solidifying a life vision, unravelling the subconscious mind, healing past pains, etc.

And the stories we focus on are not just fictional glimpses of your life, but deep meaningful essences of who you are. We call them hero stories or sometimes called the mythological story or origin story and I like calling them – my soul stories. And they are one of the most powerful ways to transform oneself from the pain, sacrifices, self sabotaging behaviours into hope, potential, purpose and passion. They clearly reveal one of your many life’s min-journeys.

And the major uniqueness of a ‘hero’ story is that it is innately part of your psyche – your unconscious processing. Most movies that stand the test of time are archetypal, natural, classical hero stories – slay the dragon, win the girl, win the race, triumph of the underdog … Which hero story line is your life following?

And then we each have a style, an archetypal character type that takes this journey. Are you the nurturer, warrior, wise man or crone, …?

When we put these story elements together using appropriate journal writing tools mixed with some fun and imagination – magic and transformation happens – especially when we understand and learn and write in the powerful language of the subconscious mind. I hope you will join us in understanding, healing and rewriting your life story from the inside out.

So I would like to introduce Diane Curry Sam who is totally committed to and involved in helping individuals and small companies writing their mythological hero stories.

Together we have combined our 2 “Own your life” books so you have guidance in owning your own life and recreating your future. We are also creating a 6 month unique group coaching program to help you create multiple healing, transformative, future creating short hero stories – that when chained together is a story of your life journey with a structured story line filled with fun and imagination, that is the real you living your journey. It is a great way to be understood or leave your message and legacy (if you want).

Stay tuned for new announcements and new ‘stay in touch’ messages and tips to support you to write a hero story – your soul story.