Transforming your Writing (and your Life)
with Hero Stories …

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Do you write? Do you pour your heart’s deepest truths into a journal? Are you interested in writing as a way to not only share your life’s stories, but also clear negative emotions and open to your higher wisdom?
Perhaps you have a deep desire to write your life story, but don’t know how to access it, or how to shape the wisdom, the message, the plot of your story in a way that you feel good about, but is also transformative and healing?

Maybe you are already writing your memoirs or life story, and need support, structure, and deeper understanding of the writing journey ..

The truth is, not all writing and journaling is healing, and we can’t always do it alone.

If you aren’t careful, you can end up rehearsing your grudges, glamourizing or embellishing a victim story, reinforcing your false beliefs, and generally keeping yourself stuck just where you are.

Without a guide, you could struggle to tell a story that has the sort of power and depth that a true healing story can have, and instead your writing only circles around avoiding the truth or loses momentum and becomes difficult to understand or share.

The truth is, we are, always and everywhere, creating our lives from the stories we tell.

Why not make your story a “Hero Story”?

Because once you recognize that you’re on a hero’s journey, you wake up to the fact that you are responsible for your own experience in life. Once you take on the role of hero, you become someone capable of not only great deeds, but also great transformations in consciousness, great learning, and great power.

As you learn to write your life as a “hero story’, you are actually exploring your soul’s sacred story and taking your place in the grand story, the deep pattern of human consciousness. Understanding the archetype of the hero’s journey and writing yourself into that pattern brings immense benefits – providing you with a way to access, examine and release your innermost Self, your most profound truths, your most innovative insights, and perhaps your deepest fears and enemies.

The truth is, stories from a soul perspective are more healing and evolving than the personality’s pity parties and depressing dramas.

Writing your life as a hero’s journey, learning to write ‘hero stories’ as a journaling practice allows you to bring greater clarity to your life’s journey, boost your creativity and deepen your relationships. Seeing yourself and the other people in your life as characters in a story, in a great adventure, helps you to see your life in new ways, and frees you to become something different.

Storytellers and story coaches Diane and John, are committed to show you how to be the hero of your own adventure, how to use writing and journaling to become a transformer, a shifter of consciousness. Become the hero, tell of the adventure, understand it at a deep level, and you will be become contagious. Your stories, understood and told this way, will change everything and everyone around you.

The tools and support systems available here will help you bring forth the powerful stories within you by using symbols, natural story lines, and the unique language of the subconscious – a language of symbols, metaphors, archetypes and dream-like images.

And, as in all good adventures, expect some fun! As we work together to rewrite your stories, we examine the origin/mythological/hero/soul stories that are the core of most movies and books. How are you like Harry Potter? When did you travel the yellow brick road like Dorothy from Kansas? These tools help you re-write old story patterns that still run subconsciously and sabotage your life. Thinking and writing about yourself as a hero is a potent spiritual practice.

The truth is, you can write your own hero/soul stories because we will show you how.

So please join us as you create your hero journeys, short one page stories – one after the other – as you rewrite your unconscious programming and blocks with understanding, learning, meaning and purpose.

As you do this, expect action, expect adventure – when a powerful hero story is written and owned by you – your life will change. You will become the person you always dreamed of, you will get out of your own way, AND rewrite a happy ending of your life story, one that is anchored in your powerful subconscious mind.

YES! I want to learn to write my life as a hero’s journey!

Choose from:

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P.S. One of our most powerful methods for healing and creating our future is to rewrite our inner stories written when we were not even in grade school. Join us today and meet great people on the same path.

“I will write myself into well being.” — Nancy Mairn

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