Create new short ‘hero’ stories that will rewrite the limiting inner beliefs and programming
that were written before you went to grade school!


Are you the ‘Pity Party’ person?

Fantasy rogue girl

Sharing your horror story, how bad it was, why you are not the success you want to be, how you are victimized by the boss, government or even God?

“Oh Yeh! – All innocent me did was just … and ‘Insane Sally’ went ballistic and … and I was out.” Poor me!!

“Oh Yea! I can do better than that. That’s nothing. Let me tell you about Boozy Bingy Bob who half the time forgets his name. One day he …. and I was …” — Poorer me!!

You see – “It is never your experience, but your conversations and stories about your experience that is more important”.

We glamorize and even use our imagination to embellish and build up the pain of the situation. It is an indirect, unconscious way in which we seek love or sympathy.

And the more we hold onto our pity parties, depressing dramas, blame, victim hood, guilt, anger, mediocrity, conflict, pride … and the list goes on, the deeper they get imbedded as self-sabotage programs. And who needs that.

Or are you the ‘Passion Parade’ person?

Where we take the event or situation and give it understanding, learning, meaning and purpose (Apply these words often and you will transform your life.), and you draw out and become the hero. You tell a new story, with the same imagination and ownership, but with totally new results.

You see it is all about our story, our conversation. It is one of the most powerful ways to transform, heal, and reinvent your life. To break out of the downward spiral or the swampland of mediocrity and superficiality.

So next time with friends you do not have to compete with downer dramas and old stories, but instead empower each other with celebrations, potentials, purpose, …. This is now an empowering, conscious way to seek love and connection.

Introducing Diane and John and Hero Stories

So we, Diane and John, (click the link to read more about us) are committed to show you new ways – powerful ways – to be your hero, transformer, shifter of consciousness. You will be contagious as others see the hero in you and through osmosis your environment, conversations and stories will change everything.

In us are powerful symbols, natural story lines, a unique language of the subconscious. (Did you know that 95% of what we do, think and say is unconscious?- driven by our stories from as early as 2 years old – its time to rewrite them, so you and your subconscious mind understand and own them) but we need to use the language of the subconscious – a language of symbols, metaphors, and images like in our dreams.

And it is fun as we rewrite the origin/mythological/hero/soul stories that are the core of most movies and books. Rewrite the old stories of the 2 year old that still runs and sabotages your life.

So please join us as you create your hero journeys, short one page stories – one after the other – as you rewrite your unconscious programming and blocks with understanding, learning, meaning and purpose. SUDDENLY you will hit an inner chord – your life lesson and your most powerful hero story will be written and owned by you, and your life will change. You will become the person you always dreamed of and you get out of your own way.

AND you rewrite a happy ending of your life story that is anchored in your powerful subconscious mind.

Here is what we do:

  1. First know yourself and make your list – and for most of us it is a large list – of your unconscious defences, compromises, justifiers, fears, blame guilt, victimhood, emotional reactions, etc.
  2. Next you prioritise this “Hot List” of things you want to heal and resolve. (you will see patterns)
  3. Identify the hope, reward, positive, potential and purpose behind the negative
  4. Every 2 weeks we guide you to write a short transformational story in the language you and your inner being understands – the language of your hero story. You will learn lots of tips, tools, plot lines, creative ideas every week.
  5. Then write another short transformative, healing hero story – we will show you many perspectives and tools to write a paragraph or a page or 2 for your short transformational life stories that will reinvent the new you.
  6. And if you want to publish your series of hero stories as a memoir or autobiography or just your own booklet so the world understands you and hears you. (And we will show you how to publish and receive your final book for under $3 each, in any quantity.)

Our process is fun, mind opening, healing and powerful. And you do not have to be a writer -we have (for a cost) editors and writers to make you look like a professional.

And like all heroes do, their main learning is a big miracle they integrate in their lives and share with their tribe – and take their place in healing of humanity’s pity parties.

Please try us out and recreate your past.

Your choices are:

  • “Own Your Life” workbook or 50 Journaling and Story Writing Tools for only $19 each
  • Hero Stories – Get your burning questions answered and learn from all other participant’s questions questions by a trained ‘Hero’ story coach through emails and on a private Facebook group. Bonus – Both workbooks and more… (Starts March 15, 2015) **** Beta testing special for the first 20 applicants – Group Coaching monthly ($125 $60) or for 6 months ($599 $249).

guarantee Order now ***Click here and start with us today and have your transformative first story done in the next few weeks.

P.S. One of our most powerful methods for healing and creating our future is to rewrite our inner stories written when we were not even in grade school. Join us today and meet great people on the same path.

“I will write myself into well being.” — Nancy Mairn

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